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Peachy Vol. 1

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October 2022
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Volume 1 of Peachy magazine is here!

The maiden edition of this new photographic snow culture magazine is the psychedelic brainchild of Sophie 'Doof' Maxwell in collaboration with Magic Mustard and featuring a wild array of raw talent from across the Wānaka scene.

Featuring a collaboration of creative efforts from
Cam O’Connell
Janu Kewish
Alice Friend
Dizzi Stern
Lydia Jennings
Nina “Baby Peach” Peachey
Cal Popp
Laura Wotton
Élie Babin
Jimmy Simpkin

Design by Magic Mustard
Production by SUBZERO

68pg soft cover
Printed in NZ

Exclusive to SUBZERO

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ISSN 2816-0754